Increase access to quality, affordable childcare for military families

As part of the DoD Child Care Expansion Initiative, states establish or improve Quality Rating and Improvement Standards and assessment methods for child care programs that are compatible with the DoD effectiveness standards and oversight. Through statewide QRISs and licensing requirements, DoD can identify providers eligible for "approved" status (subsidized care) and partner with other providers to help them become approved. There are two important policy requirements that set the stage for compatibility with the DoD effectiveness standards and oversight: comprehensive background evaluations and annual program inspections.

Best Practices

Best practices for this issue are under development.

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Issue Status Key

The composite rating for this issue is based on the following criteria:

  • Star
    Bill introduced and currently active
  • Blue square
    State has made movement towards achieving desired outcomes; for example, passed best practice legislation, made policy changes or shown where the state has policy supporting the desired outcome
  • Yellow square
    State has not made changes that move towards achieving desired outcomes

Desired Outcomes

This issue is comprised of two elements:

Background checks
Established comprehensive background checks for staff of child care centers and staff/adult family members for family child care homes.

Inspection requirements
Established annual inspection requirements for child care centers and family child care homes.