Allow service members to retain their earned priority for receiving Medicaid home and community based services waivers

States can alleviate barriers experienced by military families who lose access to valuable medical benefits as they transition out of the military.

The Department of Defense established the TRICARE ECHO program to provide $36,000 of additional coverage for active-duty sponsored family members with condition-specific needs; however, they lose ECHO support upon separation or retirement from the military. Additionally, when military families transition out of the military, they generally have to start the entire Medicaid application process again in the state in which they settle, resulting in long waiting periods without services. Consequently, families incur significant debt while paying for a family member's care.

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Issue Status Key

The composite rating for this issue is based on the following criteria:

  • Star
    Bill introduced and currently active.
  • Blue square
    State has made movement towards achieving desired outcomes; for example, allowing service members to enroll their exceptional family member in the state they designate as their legal residence (such as where they pay taxes or vote) to stabilize their request for support.
  • Yellow square
    State has not made changes that move towards achieving desired outcomes.