Pro bono legal representation for service members and families

States can assist service members and their families by enacting legislation to coordinate a military pro bono legal program throughout the states.

Many states have a requirement for attorneys to meet a minimum number of hours for providing pro bono services within their state. A military pro bono program would provide the opportunity for those attorneys to meet their requirements while serving military families.

Key message
Service members and their families have access to military legal assistance attorneys to receive advice and assistance; however, they must generally obtain their own counsel to represent them in court. State governments can assist by coordinating pro bono legal programs that can connect qualified attorneys with service members and their families.

Best Practices

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Issue Status Key
The composite rating for this issue is based on the following criteria:

  • Star
    Bill introduced and currently active.
  • Blue square
    State has made movement towards achieving desired outcomes; for example, assisted by organizing pro bono programs connecting qualified attorneys with service members and their families in need.
  • Yellow square
    State has not made changes that move towards achieving desired outcomes.